What is assembly in .net? and Which are the types of assembly?

Assembly is the partially compiled code which may be in format of dll and exe. Which is in the CLI language.
An assembly can consist of one or more files. Code files are called modules. An assembly can contain more than one code module and since it is possible to use different languages to create code modules it is technically possible to use several different languages to create an assembly.

Types of the Assembly are
Private Assembly :
Private assebllies are stored in the appliation's bin folder. so other application can not access that.

Shared Assembly :
Shared application assembly stored in the global path (default framework path) which also called Global Assembly Catche(GAC). This asseblies are globally unique names and version. Benfits of this assembly is resusablity and versoning.

Static and Dynami Asseblies
Assemblies can be static or dynamic. Static assemblies are stored in the disk as physical files but dynamic assemblies are not saved to disk before execution and are executed directly from memory.

Satellite Assembly
Satellite assembly can not store any code but this stores the resoures like culture, images, language specific string via resource file. So this is also called as localised assebly.


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