How to deploy website on remote server?

Basically there is 3 main types of web deployement on server
  1. XCOPY : By this method all the local website copy and past to the remote server (with aspx and asp.cs/vb ) pages
  2. Publish Website Wizard :
    This is the one of the option in the Visual Studio (Right click on website). By this you can compile all the website and generate assembly for each page in the bin folder. you can now upload this published(compiled website)
  3. Web Deployement Kit :
    This is the small external tools from the Microsoft. After install you can found this in the Website right click menu in the Solution Explorer as WebDeployment Project. It works same as the Publish website but main difference is that this tool combines all assembly (aspx.cs/vb) in to one. so when ever you have changes you need to upload single assembly and seperate aspx page.


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