Advantages and Disadvantages of Cookie


  • Cookies stores in client side
  • Easy to use with Javascript and Asp.NET . 
  • You can configure cookies to expire when the browser session ends (session cookies) or they can exist for a specified length of time on the client computer (persistent cookies). 
  • Stores server information on client side
  • Data need not to be sent back to server. 


  • Users can delete a cookies. 
  • Users browser can refuse cookies,so your code has to anticipate that possibility. 
  • Cookies exist as plain text on the client machine and they may pose a possible security risk as anyone can open and tamper with cookies.vv
  • Number of cookies that can be stored and their size is limited. 
  • They don't work if security level is set too high in browser. 
  • Some people might just disable cookies on their browsers at there web can not run.


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